I can't see any Tier Prices displayed for my products on my website

You will need to review your configuration. For a product where you expect to see tier pricing on the front end, open the product in the admin panel and check the following:

1. Does it have tier prices configured on the Price tab?

2. Are these prices configured for a particular customer group only? If so, you will need to be logged in as a customer who belongs to this group on the front end to see these prices

3. Is the tier price less than the list price of the product? If tier prices are greater than the standard list price, they are never displayed. Please note : Tier prices are entered per product

4. If you are planning on using our Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products extension for this product, ensure there is a value for the attribute Cross Tier Id assiged to the product and that our extension is enabled under System > Configuration > Catalog > Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products

Stpes 1 -3 are standard Magento and unrelated to our extensions.

To confirm that our extension is not related to the display issues, you can disable the extension and retest, the issue you are seeing should remain.