EU VAT Checker Troubleshooting Guide

EU VAT Checker is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to your customers. We have found the majority of our users can install and configure without issue. However if you do run into problems, this troubleshooting section should provide you with the guidance you need.

If after you have referenced this page, you still can't resolve the issue, then please contact us directly and we will try to help you. Alternatively run a search or check our general troubleshooting section.


Things to Check First

Have you:

To test the extension is working:

VAT Number is Not Valid

VIES Service Down Time

No Error Messages for Invalid VAT Numbers or Customer Group not Updated

If you are not seeing any error messages displayed for invalid syntax or VAT numbers or a valid VAT number test is not updating the customer group

If the above checks all pass,


Uninstalling EU VAT Checker

To remove EU VAT Checker you need to