General Troubleshooting



On most occasions, Blue Jalappeno extensions can be installed by anyone and run without issue. Occaisionly there are problems related to installation issues or environmental conflicts that result in problems. Use the following guide to help you investigate and resolve any issues you might see.


Common Problems

From the list below, review the issue you are seeing and refer to the relevant section


 Extension does not appear under System > Configuration

 Errors on screen e.g. "Base table or view not found"

 Extension is not working or not behaving as expected    

 Verify your installation is correct

 SQL has not run during installation

 Check for extension conflicts


Verify Your Installation is Correct

To check your installation:

SQL Has Not Run During Installation 

Some extensions include an SQL script to modify your database. On rare occaisions this script will not run or stop before it completes. To resolve this you need to force the SQL to rerun.

Please note that Blue Jalappeno cannot be held responsible for any issues caused by following this procedure. It requires some database knowledge and should be undertaken with extreme care.


To do so

Your installation will now be complete.


Extension Conflicts

Extension conflicts are rare but not uncommon within Magento.

Contact if you need further assistance.