Using Price Updater


How We Calculate Tier Prices

In Price Updater you will have selected one of three options for creating tier prices. Let's walk through what those options are.

Set Price

Creating tiers using this setting mimics the way you create tiers on the product itself. You simply specify a quantity for each tier and a price (each) when that quantity is in the cart

Cost Plus Markup

Using this method, for each quantity you will specify a quantity and default cost (not listed on the product page) and a percentage markup. Price Updater will use the cost on the product itself first, but if not present, then it will use the default cost entered to calculate the tier price.

Percentage Discount

Using percentage discount, you will specify a quantity and a percentage discount for each tier. The tier price is calculated using the list price of each product that uses the template. Lets look at an example:

These tiers are saved directly to the product.

Creating Price Templates

To start using Price Updater, go to 'Catalog>Price Updater

Select 'Add price template' button

Each template contains 3 tabs:

Template information - enter a title, description and status. We recommend leaving the status to 'Inactive' until you are confident your template information is correct.

Price information - enter a price, special price including start and end dates, tax class and price tiers. Any of these fields can be left blank and the corresponding products' values will not be changed.

Depending on which style of tier price calculation you have chosen, unnecessary fields will be greyed out.

Assigned products - shows a list of all products in your catalog. Use the checkboxes to select or deselect products to use this template. The template column shows the template id already assigned to a product.

Save the template. If the template status is "Inactive", the template itself will be saved along with the products assigned to it, but the price information will not be changed on the products themselves. To update the price information on the products, once you are confident the template is correct, open the template and change the status to 'Active' and save.

Working with Price Updater

The price shown on your product after your templates have been activated is the price your customer will see, including special and tier prices. If you wish to edit the price information on an individual product that has a template applied, we recommend you remove the product from the template first. To do this, open the template, uncheck the check box on Assigned products tab and save the template. You can then alter the price information on the product itself without any unexpected changes to the price occuring later, if the template is resaved.