Configuration of Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products


Magento version 1.x Installation


Magento version 2.x Installation


NB: We use the term discount group to refer to all the products that can be bought together to receive a discount

To set up 'Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products' you will need to do the following:

Determine Your Discount Groups

Firstly, lets cover the limitations: Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products will work across categories and product types. Therefore, your discount groups can contain products from any categories and include products of any product types EXCEPT BUNDLED AND GROUPED PRODUCTS. You can create discount groups that include bundled and grouped products, but the discount group can ONLY contain bundled or grouped products.

Each product can only have 1 cross tier id - i.e. be part of 1 discount group

The best way to demonstrate how to work out your discount groups is by looking at some examples.

Example A

For all books in your catalog, you wish to charge $5 when a qty of 10 or more is in the cart, for all DVDs you wish to charge $8 each when quantity of 3 or more is in the cart. You will need 2 Cross Tier identifiers to create this setup - 1 for books and 1 for DVDs. Each book will have the same tier prices configured and each DVD will have the same tier prices configured.

Example B

You wish to offer a discount of 20% across your catalog when a customer purchases 12 or more items. You will need 1 cross tier id and add this to every product in your catalog. You will then need to configure a tier price of qty = 12 and a tier price on each product of list price - 20% (each price must be set individually). In other words, every product's tier price is different. Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products does not require that the tier pricing is the same for every product in the same discount group.

Create Cross Tier ID

To create Cross Tier identifiers:

If you haven't done so already, add the attribute 'cross_tier_id' to all of your attribute sets by

Add Cross Tier Id to Products

For each product that is part of a discount group.

Hide Acheived Tiers on Product Page and Update Price

The configuration setting for 'Hide Acheived Tiers on Product Page and Update Price' will determine how your tiers are displayed on the product listing page.

In the example below, the cart contains 12 of book 1 already. With 'Hide Acheived Tiers on Product Page and Update Price' = No, the product price still shows as $36 and the tier price of Buy 12 for $24 each is still displayed. If we add a product to the cart, the price is actually $24 - as we already have 12 items in the cart.

Using the same cart containing 12 of book 1, if we set 'Hide Acheived Tiers on Product Page and Update Price' = Yes , you can see from the example below the list price is displayed as $24 as this is the price the customer will be charged. In addition, the tier price of buy 12 for $24 is NOT displayed, as this tier has already been acheived.

NOTE: You are free to choose which way you want to display the tier price to your customers. This configuration does not change how the product price is calculated in the cart. It only affects how the product is displayed on the product page.