Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products



Working with Magento's tier prices, this neat little extension lets you create multibuy discounts across your catalog. You can combine products across categories and product types into a logical group. When any of those products are in the cart together, their quantities count towards a tier discount.

The best way to describe what it does it to see an example:

A book store wants to offer "Buy 10 for $5 each"

Book A $8 - Price when >10 bought = $5 each

Book B $8 - Price when > 10 bought = $5 each

Without extension - 6 of Book A, 5 of Book B = $8 each

With extension - 6 of Book A, 5 of Book B = $5 each

To get started, head over to our configuration page for Tiered Pricing Across Multiple Products.

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