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All of our extensions are installed in the same fashion, generic extension installation instructions can be found here.
Installation check-list:
  • Backed up the server files and database before installation (recommended)
  • Disabled cache in Cache Management to allow the extension to execute for the first time and when adjusting
  • Uploaded the app directory to the root Magento installation
  • Re-index all data in Index Management
  • Updated the serial key within 'Configuration->Catalog' under tab available called 'Blue Jalappeno Price Updater'
  • Added the price_template_id attribute to your attribute sets

Recommendations: Please Read Before Further Configuration

This extension is very powerful and therefore, must be used with care.
Price Updater uses the concept of templates - this is a set of prices that don't belong to any product in particular. You will choose which products should use these prices.
  • Once a price template is set to "Active", any products assigned to the template will have their price information permanently altered.
  • If you set the template to "Inactive", the price information on those products will not revert to their previous values.
  • Do not alter or edit the Price Template field in the product listing itself, as this will cause unexpected results. Make all changes to the products included in a template via the template manager

As such we recommend you always set templates to inactive when you create them and only activate once you are sure the products assigned are correct.


Go to System>Configuration>Catalog and select the tab 'Blue Jalappeno Price Updater'.

  1. Set Enabled to yes
  2. Enter your serial key, please see the here for further information on serial keys
  3. Select how you want to calculate tier prices, you have three options (information and examples are given in Using Price Updater)
    1. Set price
    2. Cost plus markup
    3. Percentage discount
  4. Save your configuration settings


You need to add the attribute 'price_template_id' to your attribute sets.

  • Go to Catalog>Attributes>Manage Attribute Sets
  • For each attribute set, open it and add 'price_template_id' to your set and save
Head over to Using Price Updater to get started.