• Follow the general installation instructions here.
  • Go to System > Configuration > Catalog, you should see Blue Jalappeno Percentage Off Tiered Pricing
  • Enable the extension

Adding Tier Prices to Products

  • Go to Catalog > Manage Products and open a product
  • On the 'Prices' tab, click 'Add Tier'
  • For a tier using a percentage discount, select Type as '% Discount' and in the price field enter a percentage discount figure e.g. "10" for 10% off, or "15" for 15% off
  • For a tier using a standard flat price, select Type as 'Fixed' and enter the price field as normal
Any percentage off tiered pricing is calculated and displayed on the front end as if it were a flat tier price

 Custom Options on Products

Percentage Off Tiered Pricing does not alter order in which prices are calculated in Magento. As in standard Magento, the tier price is calculated and then any custom options pricing is added to this tier price. Therefore, if you configure a tier price of 10% discount, for quantities over 10, any custom option prices will be added onto the discount price.