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  • Generic extension installation instructions can be found here

  • Within 'Configuration > Sales > Sales' you should have a tab available called "Blue Jalappeno One Click Complete"


Under System > Configuration > Sales > Sales > Blue Jalappeno One Click Complete
  • Enable the extension
  • Select which capture type you will use for Invoices (default is Online)
  • Configure which emails will be sent to the customer
  • Configure whether to generate a PDF of the invoice and packing slip for printing

Using One Click Complete

From the Sales > Orders screen
  • Select the orders you wish to complete and from the drop down, select ' Create Shipment and Complete Orders' and click Submit
  • An invoice and shipment will be created, which you can view under Sales > Invoices and Sales > Shipments
  • If you have elected to create a printable PDF of invoices and packing slips, choose to save or open this file from the dialog. You will need to refresh the orders page after this step.
  • The status of orders is updated

Integrate with Klarna Invoice

One Click Complete is compatible with Klarna Invoice with the addtion of the patch file below for Klarna. Please ensure the version of Klarna is compatible by comparing the file itself to the one you have installed.

If you have any questions, contact us,  we are happy to help.

Genevieve Eddison,
Apr 17, 2013, 7:45 PM