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Some of our extensions require a serial key for licensing purposes. You will be sent serial keys based on the domains you have supplied when you purchased the extension. If you did not receive serial keys you can ignore this section.
If you serial key is invalid the extension will not function, so please take care to verify you have supplied the correct domain.

What Is My Server Name?

You may be asked for your live and demo server domains when purchasing an extension or following purchase. This is most commonly your actual domain name, however to ensure this is correct you should:
  1. Upload the script 'servername.php' (below) to the root of each Magento website on your installation
  2. Navigate to the script to run it e.g. www.bluejalappeno.com/servername.php
  3. Email your domain as displayed to us, exactly as written
  4. Repeat for each website you have

Test Your Serial Key

 To verify you have the correct serial key
  1. Open the extensions' configuration page and enter the serial key in the "Serial" field and save
  2. Attempt to use the extension e.g. for Price Updater open Catalog > Price Updater and click on "Create New Template"
  3. If the serial key is valid, the extension will function. If the serial key is invalid you will be alerted or the Template edit screen will not be displayed
Genevieve Eddison,
Aug 6, 2012, 11:23 PM