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Please follow these instructions exactly as written in order, step by step, or you could see issues that will take some time to resolve.
WARNING: We recommend you backup your Magento installation and database immediately prior to installing any extension. We do not take any responsibility for this may cause. We also recommend you install and test on a non-business critical environment e.g. development prior to deploying to your live site
  1. Switch off the compiler under System > Tools > Compilation
  2. Ensure the cache is switched on under System > Cache Management
  3. After downloading the extension zip file, unzip to a local directory.
  4. Copy the 'app' directory from 'src' onto your base Magento installation, overwriting all files. Note - this will not replace any core Magento files.
  5. If the zip contains 'app/design/frontend', ensure these files are merged into your theme
  6. If the zip contains 'app/design/adminhtml', ensure these files are merged into your theme
  7. If the zip contains a skin folder, ensure these files are merged into your theme
  8. Log out of your Magento admin and log in again
  9. Disable the cache
  10. Flush the cache or delete contents of var/cache and var/session
  11. Open the frontend of your site to force the new extension to load
  12. If you are using the compiler, recompile from System > Tools > Compilation
  13. Re-index all of your data under System > Index Management
  14. Enable the cache under System > Cache Management
From here, follow the instructions for your specific extension.

Problems After Installation

If you are experiencing problems following installation, please first verify and re-check you have followed the instructions above.
Common issues seen after installation include:


To rule out the newly installed extension as the source of your problem, you can completely disable it by renaming the file under app/etc/modules/<Filename>.xml to Filename.xml.bak. The Filename will follow the convention of Bluejalappeno_Extensionname.xml. If after renaming and refreshing your cache (and recompiling) the issue remains then it is unrelated to our extension. During installation you have refreshed the cache which will pick up any changes you have made recently. You should review all recent changes to rule these out.

Uninstalling an Extension

You may be advised to uninstall an extension completely for upgrading purposes.To do this:
  1. Disable the cache
  2. Delete any files under app/code/local related to Bluejalappeno
  3. Remove relevant files under app/etc/modules
  4. If you are uninstalling EU VAT Checker you must remove two references to EU VAT Checker in the database. We strongly recommend you only perform these updates if you are competent with database commands and have fully backed up your database. If you are at all unsure we can provide some assistance.
  5. Verify the extension has been removed from your frontend/admin panel
  6. Enable the cache


Genevieve Eddison,
Jun 25, 2012, 11:08 PM